One Word:  Results!

Unhappy that business isn’t going well and your life has become all work and no play?

We can help you…

CASE STUDY 1: N25Million in Sales

“Before now, my adverts get little or no response but after reading only half of the material you sent me.

I have made sales that I haven't made in 10 years (honest truth) and I've been able to close over N25Million in real estate sales and still selling. Thank you Andy.

Victor Oyinbo — Real Estate Consultant

CASE STUDY 2: N8.7Million in 8weeks

Since I met Andy, I have been able go from 5 figures in 2-3 weeks to 6 figures every week… consistently

By implementing just one thing he showed me during one of our discussions, I did N8.7m in sales — in less than 8 weeks with a hot in demand ecommerce product. He’s been instrumental to my growth since I met him. Man over-delivers every time.

Michael Oyekanmi — HotShops DigiMart

CASE STUDY 3: Crossed N10Million in Sales

The biggest hair salons in my State are now begging me to sell my hair products to them. Before Andy did his magic, they never cared that I existed! My business has "turned up" big time.

Before I was doing a mediocre 5 figures; Now I’m closing the year with an 8 figure income (NB: 8 figures is 10,000,000 (Million) and above…)

Laura Ezeani — CEO, SAC Hair.

CASE STUDY 4: N850,000 in one week.

I Closed 2 Deals worth N800,000 in one week (N350,000 and N500,000).

My highest job ever as a Web Developer is N150k. Using What I Learned From YOU and Bena, I sharpened my negotiation skills and closed two deals last week.

One is 350k same job I did for 100k before and the other is N500k job I used to do for 150k-200k with lots of begging. I'm not a Copywriter yet, But even as a web-developer, your tweets are really helping me. Thank you Andy.

Paul Faith — Freelance Web developer

CASE STUDY 5: Successful Fashion Launch

I remember just like yesterday I reached out to Andy concerning launching a new brand for SERAHKASSIM, and what advice he had for me to launch successfully.

I went back to the board and did everything he asked and mehnnn we had a successful launch. Today, I can say I’m thankful and grateful that Andy was a part of that.

Serah Kassim — Founder, SerahKassim.

CASE STUDY 6: Crossed N2Million in Monthly Profits

Andy, My small Ecommerce business crossed N2Million in monthly profits and I now have 10 new employees working for me. God bless you!

Ayinde Abiola — Ecommerce business owner

CASE STUDY 7: $30,000 in 5 Days

It’s not $50,000 yet though, of the 5 people who’ve opted in so far, 2 people paid $10,000, while the other 3 went with the $5,000 payment plan, so that’s like $30,000 so far but I’ve paused the promo for now to make a few tweaks...”

Abdul-Qawiyy, Creator, “Sphere of Influence”

CASE STUDY 8: N500,000 Course Launch

I forgot to tell you, I have made over N500,000 selling my course and I’ve not even started running ads yet. I intend to start Facebook Ads by September. Thank you Andy, I will see you soon to express my gratitude in person.

Eben Chidike, Creator “The Business side of Freelancing”

CASE STUDY 9: From 200 sales a Year, to 114 Sales a Month...

This time last year I made 200 sales from my website (a whole one year), this month, I’ve done 114 sales so far. Thank you for the knowledge”

Luke S, Ecom store owner

CASE STUDY 10: Sold 10 Aquariums with a Few Tweets! The Least for N40,000 and The Highest for N300,000!

Before now, I used to surf through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter looking for people with profiles that match my ideal customer. But what Andy showed me was my game changer.

He helped me make the shift from being the guy who had to go in search for his clients to becoming the magnet who just attracts them.In the last 2 months, I sold over 10 aquariums from my tweets alone.

The Least for N40,000 and the highest for N300,000! And this is because Andy has taught me how to trigger emotions in people, to get them to buy FROM YOU. Andy is an awesome awesome human being.

Christopher Nwankwo, AQUARTIC.

CASE STUDY 11: Ten 7-figure Deals for an ICT Firm — with Emails alone

I work for an ICT firm and we had been struggling with closing sales especially with cold clients. Using the tips from your emails, at least 7 out of 10 mails get opened.

We closed 10 deals that runs into some cool millions from a sales mail sent to 55 cold clients for a workflow migration. The responses were almost immediate. My team was surprised because in the history of the organization, such a response has never been recorded.

We intend to close the remaining 45 by adopting the same style in follow up mails. Thanks for all you do Andy, you're a great guy.

Adebola Adeyinka, Tech Marketer

CASE STUDY 12: Thirty (30) New Coaching Students every Month

Each month I get an average 30 students who register for my coaching. Thanks to what I have learnt from you.

Onyenaucheya Chimdiukwu

CASE STUDY 13: Five (5) New Clients in 3 Months

I’ve gotten 5 clients in 3-months since I started implementing what you share in your emails.

Engr. Wasiu Okunola, Civil Engineer

CASE STUDY 14: N300,000 with WhatsApp!

I did N300,000 already on WhatsApp, I’m on track to hit N1Million, and once I do, I will sing your praises to the world.

Ayokunle Rasheed, WhatsApp Marketing Consultant.

I’ve got a 100 more to show you

But by now, you’re probably wondering….

Who are you?

And why are you so confident you can help me?

My name is Andy Mukolo

I’ve been an advisor to internet entrepreneurs since 2016 and I co-own 3 multi million Naira businesses (Nairaroad, EasylifeSolutions, Biohealth) …

Together, my partner and I built these brands from scratch using a simple direct marketing approach called…

The Skyrocket Method:

It’s the same marketing approach we’ve used to help 100s of business owners, coaches, consultants, freelancers, etc hit their first or next: $10k, $50k, $100k, $200k, $500k and more —(Naira Equivalent at N400/$1)

And across 25+ different industries:

  • Financial,
  • Real Estate,
  • Health,
  • Beauty,
  • Fashion,
  • B2B
  • Tech
  • Automobile
  • Travel,
  • Personal Development,
  • Info Publishing,
  • Coaching,
  • Ecommerce,
  • Dating,
  • Sports

And more.

And if your business has become a constant struggle where …

You get 2 sales today and nothing in the next 20 days...

Or you land one client and nothing for another 3 months,

Or you launch a new offer and nobody is buying...

Or you sourced for a new Ecommerce product and you've still not made any sales...

Or you were making sales before, but all of a sudden — everything stopped working.

Or maybe you're already getting some results,

But you feel stuck — like you've hit a ceiling

And no matter what you do…

You just never seem to be able to make more than a certain amount of money in one month...

And you’d like us to show you:

How you can use

The SkyRocket Method

to attract more money into your business 

Here’s how we can help you:

My partner and I are hosting a 1 month (4 weeks/ 30 days) learning and implementation program for 40 business owners starting on the 1st of September.

It will cost you N50,000 ($97) and about….

1hour of your time, Each day of the week.

And we’re bringing in 2 of our top ad experts at Nairaroad to work with you on your business.

Meet the team:

Let's begin with: Samuel Segun Emmanuel

He's the genius currently handling all of our FB Ads at Nairaroad

Samuel understudied my partner Benahili and we brought him in last year after he proved himself:

Again and again and again...

I know how much money he's made for us since we brought him onboard

And he's the guy who'll be walking you through The Skyrocket Method we use to run our ads at Nairaroad,

And during his sessions with you... 

You'll get to see:

  • How we do our targeting (so only our ideal customers see our message and respond with ease)

  • How we write non-salesy ads that get market goodwill (and convert)

  • How we launch new products to cold-traffic

  • How we budget and scale

    And much, much more...

With case studies a clear roadmap to help you run FB ads that bring in consistent new sales and clients for your own business...

And that's just Facebook.

Now, considering all the practical information you'll have at your disposal,

— And all the expert help you'll be getting on FB ads...

You may choose to focus on FB ads alone

And that's fine...

Because if you're getting really good results on one platform

It kinda makes sense to focus on making the most of it before replicating the same level of results across other platforms

But we thought,

Maybe you'll want to have a taste of what INSTAGRAM can do for your business ?

Do you think maybe there's a way you could grow your business and expand your bottomline of customers — using Instagram ads?

If yes, then just wait until you see what Joy Kaduru has to show you..

As with everyone on our team, Joy knows her onion (... and by the way, we only work with people who are extremely good at what they do)

She took an Ordinary perfume business from N200k to N4Million and Counting…

Using Instagram ads, only instagram ads

And that's just one of several case-studies in her portfolio...

We'd been trailing her for over 1-year until we finally convinced her to be part of what we're doing at Nairaroad...

And in our upcoming business accelerator program starting next month…

Joy shows you how she does her thing with Instagram —And how you can do it

Not to replicate her results,


But to get the kind of business results you're looking for — using Instagram Ads (the kind she'll show you how to run) as a reliable tool


And then there's Andy and myself,


In addition to what you'll gain from our team of ad experts, we’ll also get on...

2 Live Calls/ Month where we'll break down our Skyrocket Method for Rapid And Sustainable business Growth

No hype, no fluff, no needless grammar

Just practical stuff we've learned over the years,

By actually doing the work in the trenches, often with our own money on the line, selling our own stuff —and selling stuff for others too.

Now comes the question:

Do you think working directly with us and our team of Ad experts (FB, Google, and IG) can help you make more money in your business

If yes, then here's the rest of it:

This program is an online program hosted on ZOOM and a platform called Teachable. 

When you sign up, you'll be assigned your personal (and private) login details to access the SkyRocket Method Accelerator Program on Teachable. 

Each lesson has been split into Day 1 - Day 20. 

So you can study and implement something everyday. 

And if you study and implement diligently, you'll start to see results by Day 7! 

Join us from anywhere in the world with your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet

The live calls happen twice every month during the weekend.

And there's a private group where you'll get support from...

Not just your instructors, but my partner and I too.

  • Secondly: 
    Considering the level of personal attention we're giving to you,
    We can't take in more than 40-persons.
  • And thirdly...
    Even if you have the N50,000 fee,

    This program is so dear to our heart,

    You can only sign up within a specific time Frame every month. 
  • Fourthly...
    The program runs for 30-days

    And the way it's structured...

    30-days might even be too much

    You're getting wheat,

    Not chaff that leads to even more confusion,
  • And Fifthly... This program comes with a No-refunds policy

    There'll be no room for you to check out the live sessions, group calls, practical workshops, video walk-throughs, or even a single comma,

    Just to decide if it's right for you...

Don’t like it? Keep your money.

But if you're still interested...

And you'd like to be one of the 40 persons partaking in our implementation program kicking off on the 1st of September...

Well then....

I'm happy you're joining us

Because whenever my partner and I put out any program,

The results are always amazing for those who take it very seriously,

Last year, a business owner in our circle, Michael Niyi, did over N6Million in under 10-days —using a simple webinar outline I shared with him

No hype, no fake scarcity, no plenty talk

And there’s others like him…

Some who are freelancers, like Azeez, are…

Hitting $10,000 - $20,000 a month selling their services to foreign clients

Or affiliate marketers like Aaron who’ve crossed the N1Million+/month mark on JvZoo, Clickbank and Expertnaire…


And different shades of entrepreneurs now getting their desired results after using what we showed them 


If we’re getting lots of result-based testimonials almost on a daily basis...


That’s because we know our stuff.


And if you’ll allow us…


We can help you take your business to the point where you’re making enough money to not worry so much about money like most people do…


So if you'd like to be one of the 10 business owners partaking in this program...


And you're ready to 100% commit to taking this program seriously 


And you can afford the N750,000 ($1600)... 

Click the Button below to Secure One of the 40 Slots in this program.

You'll be required to make a payment of N50,000 using your card on Paystack or VIA bank transfer.

Andy and I may suck at everything else — but the one thing we’re really good at...

...is helping business owners (who ask for our help) hit their income goals:

Talk soon.
Benahili Ojeme
Co-founder, Nairaroad.

P.S: When your business is actually making you the kind of money you want, you won’t worry so much about not having enough money when emergencies arise and you need to step in for your loved ones and take care of the bills.


Also, having a thriving business, with a good cashflow means you can:


Create more time for things you love and have fun memories with family and friends


But maybe you’re stuck or unsure how to structure your business so you’re consistently hitting your personal income goals (monthly and yearly…)


That’s where we can help:


If you'd like us to help your business for the next 30-days (4-weeks)…


Simply fill the form below and you’ll get a call from me or my partner, Benahili Ojeme.


If at the time you fill the form, the 40 slots are already taken for next month…


You’ll have to join the waiting list for the following month (or 3 months after that if the slots are filled up too)  


Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best!