FREE Webinar Reveals: How To Make More Money From Your Logistics Business In The Next 30 days… Than You Did In The Last 300 Days!

Let's face it.

Running a logistics business in Nigeria is hardddd…

  • With Riders getting stopped by the police,
  • Angry vendors calling you non-stop,
  • Having to constantly incur losses from repairing your bikes 
  • And incompetent riders running your business down?

After dealing with all of this, there’s barely enough time or money at the end of the month to put towards expanding your business and increasing your monthly revenue. 

It's true…

Running a logistics business in Nigeria can be hard…

But it can also be very profitable! 

If you’re ready to scale your logistics business from barely making an average of N50,000 every month to a business that brings you an extra income of N200,000 in profit...

You need a roadmap!

You need to hear from people who have done this before and implement the strategies they used. 

This is why Sharply Africa has joined forces with Benahili Ojeme, a Growth and Customer Acquisition Specialist, to reveal the secrets big logistics companies have used for years to make huge profits every month. 

Join Benahili for a 45 minutes workshop, where you will learn how to take your logistics business from where it is right now to earning at least N200,000 in monthly profits…

Even if you're already hitting a steady 6 figures...

We'll show you how you can double or even triple those figures… GUARANTEED. 

By following a simple framework!

In this FREE webinar you will discover:

  1. The #1 reason why most small logistics businesses struggle to make profits 
  2. Finally Revealed: The Secret Hack to grow any logistics business… even if you're just starting out or have no capital...
  3. Follow this simple hack, and you could start making 2X, 3X or even 5X your monthly figures
  4. How to acquire a flood of customers for your logistics business 
  5. The secret place where the best logistics clients are hiding... and how to convert them into your loyal customers

Layor Salami

CEO Sharply Africa

Benahili Ojeme 

Growth & Customer Acquisiton Specialist

Date: Friday, 3rd December 2021
Time: 6-6:45pm
Venue: Online (Link to join will be communicated via EMail)
Gate fee: Free for Logistics/ Delivery Business Owners

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