This is still the Most Profitable Location to Own Property in Lagos State

Investors could pocket up to N3Million As Yearly rent!

And where is this golden location I'm talking about?

It is Palmgrove, Yaba! (5 minutes from Yabatech, 10 minutes from Unilag, and 15 minutes from 3rd Mainland Bridge)

The price of rent in this location appreciates every year... And residents happily pay to live here.

But while renting a house here might be Easy...

It is almost impossible to find a property to Buy as an Investment. 

And that's where I come in!

Today, I bring you a RARE and EXCLUSIVE  opportunity to own Units of 1 Bedroom Apartments in this tastefully built block of 18 units of 1 bedroom apartments in Palmgrove, Yaba.

As you can see in the video above, This property is still being developed, which is good news for you - the investor!

Because the property is still being developed, you can get it at a price FAR BELOW market value.


For an investment like this in such a Profitable location…

A location where the price of land and properties are sure to Appreciate Every Year - 

Because of its proximity to major institutions like the Prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag) and The Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech)…

Any Price we put on the apartments in this property would be a HUGE bargain!

And as this is still an Off=Plan property,

You have the opportunity to own as many units of the apartments we still have for sale at a Price FAR below Market Value!

Any smart investor reading this will know how juicy this offer is!

Right now…

We’re selling each unit of 1 Bedroom Apartments in this property for a total price of N14.3 Million (outright).

And if that already sounds like a juicy deal to you, just wait till you read this!


And I repeat, A LIMITED TIME…

With an Outright Payment of just N40 Million, You can own 3 units of 1 bedroom apartments in this property!

That’s 3 Units of 1 bedroom Apartments in Palmgrove- Yaba!

  • A location with huge potential for property appreciation…
  • A location with HIGH Rental Value… (N800,000-N1,000,000 per year for each unit of 1 bedroom Apartment)
  • A location that is constantly developing and is home to major institutions, International and Foreign Organizations…

And is still welcoming more and more development!

No smart investor needs to be told twice how juicy this investment opportunity is!

And remember, this offer is only available for a limited time!

You can check back tomorrow and see that we’re now selling 3 units at the regular price of N14.3 Million x 3

Which is a total payment of N42.9 Million/ N43 Million

And as development in this property continues everyday…

The price of each unit will also continue to Rise and Rise.

So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

If you would like to ask me any questions that you have in mind…

You can send me a text directly on my personal line:

Just send “Interested” to 09098320359

And I will call you to answer your questions/schedule an inspection.

More Reasons to Invest Here

  • Title Documents Available
    This property comes with a Certificate of Ownership and Deed of Assignment making for a hassle-free purchase.
    You can rest assured that this property will not give you any legal nightmares.
  • Easy Access Roads
    This area is incredibly versatile with road networks.
    It’s minutes away from the Ikorodu Expressway (Marlyand -- Ikeja) and 10 - 15 minutes from Yaba and the 3rd Mainland Bridge!
    Inner road networks are also smooth and motorable.
  • Modern Environment
    Asides the incredible road network, residents are surrounded by everything they could possibly want - Banks, restaurants, malls, cinemas… Not to mention 2 Federal Institutions - Unilag & Yabatech.
  • Highly Discounted
    Today, we have a Special but Limited-time Offer for Smart and Decisive investors... Along with Pocket-Friendly & Flexible payment plans.

  • High Rental Income Potential
    Because this block of 1 Bedroom Apartments is located 5 minutes from YabaTech and 10 minutes from Unilag, Investors have access to A HUNGRY market of Students and Young Professionals who will pay handsome prices for rental opportunities in this property.

  • Managed and Maintained for You!
    After you've invested your money in this property, you don't need to spend time checking on tenants and managing the building's facilities. A team of experienced building managers will be assigned to make sure your flat is maintained and your tenants are happy! Just sit back and watch your money work for you!

As We’re Nearing Conclusion of the Development, Units Are Selling-Out FAST!


Own 3 Units of 1 Bedroom Apartments for a Total Payment of N40 MILLION

Over 8 Units out of 18 have already been sold!

Call or Text "Interested" to my Personal Line 09098320359 to speak with me.

  • Prime Location!
  • Currently selling at less than market valuation (price won’t remain so for long)
  • Excellent way to preserve and grow of your wealth
  • Incredible Return on Investment rivaling the Big 3 (Lekki, Ikoyi, Ajah)
  • Ideal location for working population to rent
  • Close to University of Lagos, Yaba College of Technology, Federal College of Education, Queens College, St Finbarr’s College.
  • Access to major banks, restaurants, malls.


 Own 3 Units of 1 Bedroom Apartments for a Total Payment of N40 MILLION

Over 8 Units out of 18 have already been sold!

Call or Text "Interested" to my Personal Line 09098320359 to speak with me.


Payment Plan A:
 Outright Payment for 1 Unit of 1 Bedroom Apartment

₦14,300,000 per Unit

6 Months installment for Payment Plan A

₦15,000,000 (minimum initial deposit of N8,000,000)

Payment Plan B (LIMITED TIME OFFER): Outright Payment for 3 Units of 1 Bedroom Apartment

₦40,000,000 for 3 Units

6 Months installment for Payment Plan B

₦41,000,000 (minimum initial deposit of N20,000,000)

Call or Text "Interested" to my Personal Line 09098320359 to speak with me.


  1. 1
    Q: Where is this property located
    A: It is located in Palmgroove, Shomolu Local Government, Yaba.
  2. 2
    Q: What type of title does the property have
    A: C of O (Certificate of Ownership) & Deed of Assignment.
  3. 3
    Q: Are there any encumbrances on the Land?
    A: The land is free from every known government acquisition or interest or litigation.
  4. 4
    Q: When do I get allocation of my units after payment?
    A: Units are allocated immediately after confirmation of completion of payment.
  5. 5
    Q: What do I get after completing payment for the property
    A: Completion Payment Receipt, Contract of Sale and Payment Notification Letter.


 Own 3 Units of 1 Bedroom Apartments for a Total Payment of N40 MILLION

Over 8 Units out of 18 have already been sold!

Call or Text "Interested" to my Personal Line 09098320359 to speak with me.