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And I'll show you how To find your IDEAL audience and convert Them Into

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You don't need to have thousands of Facebook Page Likes to start earning an insane amount of profit from your online Business.

I'm Benahili Ojeme,

a Facebook ads Strategist and Coach. What this means is that you need me when: 

  • You have tried Facebook or Instagram ads, failed, lost money, are tired, and almost ready to give up...
  • You are excited about the idea of social media advertising but have no idea how to make Facebook and Instagram ads work for you...
  • You are tired of playing small and ready to work with a consultant as invested in your success as you are…

I simplify the complex world of Facebook and Instagram advertising... and

I do this effortlessly. 😎

And if you're not sure whether or not Facebook Ads will work for your

business, I can help you find out! 

I do this by conducting a detailed research on your business, analyzing your previous

successful sales, testing variables and retesting them to create the

perfect ads strategy for your business.

If you're part of the 0.001% and this strategy does not yield results

that at least break even, you know not to invest in Facebook Advertising.

Facebook and Instagram Ads  do not have to be so complex —

And I can simplify them for you using either these solutions: 


Want to run your own ads successfully?

I've broken down my entire process into a simple strategy that you can easily follow.  Don't be scared, I'll be here holding your hand through the process. 

A perfect solution if you’re just getting started.


If you would rather have a trained professional help create the perfect ad strategy for your business, I'd be delighted to help.

However, I only work with a limited number of consulting clients every year to ensure guarantee exceptional results. 

Want to Learn Facebook Advertising as a High Income Skill? 


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Give me just a few minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how to turn the time you’re already spending on Facebook into as much as ‎₦200,000 or more every month.

That's at least ‎₦2.4 Million Naira per year, for as long as you need or want it.

Whether you’re working a full time 9-5…

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Up to N70,000 Every Week, If You Want It…..

 You could make much more …

Up to ‎₦70,000 per week, (₦280,000/Month) working from home, doing almost the same thing you’re probably doing anytime you log on to Facebook.

And in this blueprint, I explain how it works...


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